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Our Customers

SafetyEd works with private businesses as well as state and federal agencies.


Examples of private businesses that have used SafetyEd services include Alaska Alpine Adventures, Alaska Avalanche School, Kayak Adventures Worldwide, Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking, Yellowstone Institute, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and the Mountaineers.

State of Alaska

SafetyEd has worked extensively with the State of Alaska's Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Projects have included safety reviews and consultation to groups such as the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the Division of Mining, Land & Water. The work included a Risk Assessment of the McNeil River Bear Sanctuary, and a Risk Assessment of and Emergency Action Plan for the Round Island Walrus Sanctuary. SafetyEd has also provided wilderness medical training to multiple state employees.

Federal Government

SafetyEd has worked with many branches of the federal government to provide consultations, trainings, and classes. The following are examples of the types of organizations that have hired SafeyEd:

  • Department of Natural Resources, State of Alaska (risk management consultation)

  • Bureau of Land Management (risk management consultation)

  • National Marine Fisheries Service (assessment of national Observer Safety Training program)

  • National Marine Fisheries Service (creation of nation-wide Emergency Action Plan for NMFS Observers

  • Federal Aviation Association (arctic survival training)

Schools and Universities

SafetyEd has worked with several universities to provide accident prevention strategies and program reviews. SafetyEd has also helped universities and school programs with accident investigations and reorganizations following serious incidents.

International Work


SafetyEd has been proud to partner with other organizations that embrace similar values and/or offer similar services. In 2023 she was hired to partner with Risk Resolve, an elite Australian risk management business, to co-present multiple workshops across Australia that focused on dynamic emergency response systems. Funding for this "Roadshow" came about about as the result of Australia's catastrophic wildfires.

Through various partnerships, Deb Ajango has also been able to provide trainings and workshops in China, Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Ecuador, Australia, Spain, Mexico, and Canada.

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